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£1,200 Borrow
*0.34% Interest
49.7% APR

*Interest per day for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable)

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Tappily offers you a credit limit up to £2,500, available to borrow as and when you need it (subject to affordability checks).

Once approved, you can transfer money into your account within 15 minutes.

Important information

What you need to know about Tappily

By borrowing from Tappily you are taking on a financial commitment. Failure to make payments or missed payments could have a negative impact on your credit history and adversely affect your ability to gain credit (including mortgages).

All applications and future borrowing subject to status and affordability assessment. Further terms and conditions apply.

Tappily’s service requires read-only access to your internet banking to be considered for a facility. If you are given a facility we review your balance and transactions on a daily basis and monitor any changes in your financial status.

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For free independent money advice, see moneyadviceservice.org.uk
Tappily offers a revolving line of credit with straightforward repayment terms. Representative 49.7% APR.

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Very good

Very good and informative

Very easy to use!

Very easy to use!


Brilliant service

I received my money straight away

I received my money straight away. Company didn't ask for other information. Would use again

Very (quick and simple) you borrow…

Very (quick and simple) you borrow money and when you can afford it you pay all or a portion back. Who decided when you have enough money to pay it back well this is simple, Tappily do as they can see your nominated bank account status, this in turn allows your lender, in this case, Tappily, in order to (manage your repayments for you.) Of course at first this is a little unnerving allowing a lender to look at your balance and spending, however they cannot make any changes to your account, and if you are a responsible borrower then all should be well. May i also state that after Tappily have taken a repayment amount from you nominated bank, you can log in and (borrow more) as long as this is within your credit limit. First time using and they answer all your emails and phone call also action things like lightning, this is (very refreshing) keep up the customer service this really is a great USP for Tappily. Just an honest review guys give it a try so much better than the norm as they will only borrow what their team think you can comfortably afford which takes all the ( pressure off ) when it comes to your own decision making. Many thanks for the service Tappily.

Very good to deal with easy and quick…

Very good to deal with easy and quick service

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Tappily has achieved a score of 83 out of 100 from 148 TrustPilot reviews over the last 12 months.

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