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General Questions

How do I use a Tappily facility to prevent paying unauthorised overdraft fees?

A Tappily credit facility can prevent you from incurring unauthorised overdraft fees by transferring money into your account, up to an agreed credit limit, when you are about to go overdrawn.

Once you have completed your application and if after we complete our affordability checks you are approved for credit, you can borrow money in the following ways:

  • • Switch Tappily’s auto-borrowing ‘on’, then set the balance (protection level) that will trigger auto-borrowing. When Tappily detects that you have reached this level, we will automatically transfer money to your account to prevent you from going overdrawn.
  • • You can also borrow up to your available credit whenever you choose from your Tappily dashboard. If you do not want auto-borrowing you can choose to manage your account manually.

Please note the opportunity to avoid or prevent such charges using the Tappily credit facility is dependent upon the proper use of the facility. If you exhaust your Tappily credit limit and carry on spending then you may still incur bank charges.

Is there a charge for using Tappily?

If you borrow money on your Tappily account you will be charged 0.34% interest per day. This equates to £0.34 per day for every £100 borrowed. There are no other fees or charges. Tappily’s money management tools are supplied completely free of charge.

Eligibility for a Tappily facility is subject to credit and affordability checks.

What is the charge for a Tappily facility?

Interest is charged at a flat rate of £0.34 per day for every £100 borrowed.

How long does it take to transfer a manual Tappily instalment into my current account?

For customers who have been approved for, and set up their Tappily facility, the typical time taken to transfer money to your current account is less than 15 minutes.

However, please note that in certain circumstances a money transfer can take up to 2 hours, depending on the bank concerned.

For new applicants it may take up to 24 hours to set up a Tappily facility in addition to the time it takes to transfer a credit instalment.

Can I make payments or transfer money from my current account to another account via Tappily?


Tappily is a read-only service. You cannot pay bills or transfer money from your current account to another account using Tappily.

If approved for a Tappily facility, funds up to an agreed credit limit can be transferred into your current account.

Do I have to sign a contract or credit agreement?


You will need to sign a Credit Agreement if you require a Tappily facility.

Tappily is a running account credit facility, which operates in a similar way to a credit card agreement. We will send you legal documentation to help you understand your rights and obligations and to decide whether the product is suitable for you.

Tappily is a trading name of Indigo Michael Ltd which is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Reference Number (FRN) 715525.

You will receive the following documentation, please read it carefully and make sure you understand the information contained within:

  • • Standard European Consumer Credit Information (SECCI) document which details how the Tappily facility works
  • • An explanation of your Credit Agreement, which outlines the product and gives examples of how Tappily works
  • • A regulated Credit Agreement that requires an electronic signature before a Tappily facility can be set up.
Why has my Tappily facility been locked?

If you find your Tappily facility has been locked then it is likely that you either have some outstanding debt with us that needs to be repaid, your financial circumstances may have changed or that your online banking details have altered.

We advise that you contact us immediately on 0800 822 3400 or Contact us.

Why can’t I deposit a credit instalment manually using my Tappily facility?

If you cannot borrow manually from your Tappily facility then it may have been temporarily locked. This can happen if there is an outstanding balance that needs repaying, there has been a change in your financial circumstances or that your online banking details have altered.

We advise that you contact us immediately on 0800 822 3400 or Contact us.

How do I contact your Press Office?

You can contact our Press Office by sending an email to the following email address: press.office@Tappilymail.co.uk.

How can I close my Tappily account?

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with on 0800 822 3400 or Contact us.

However, if you no longer wish to have Tappily account, please write to us informing us of this and post to the following address:


PO Box 1515

High Wycombe

HP11 9JE

Coronavirus Support

What do I do if I have been impacted by Covid-19?

If you are impacted by Covid-19 or are experiencing financial difficulties as a result please get in touch as soon as possible - there are a range of ways we can help including payment deferrals where appropriate. You can contact us on 0800 822 3400 or through our live chat service.

What is a payment deferral?

Tappily may grant you a payment deferral for up to three months which will not adversely impact your credit report. Please note interest will continue to be charged for up to 75 days in the usual way during any payment deferral period. If you can afford to make any repayments towards your balance then you are encouraged to do this.


Will you run a credit check on me?


As a responsible lender, we take into account your personal circumstances to establish the appropriate level of credit to grant you. To help us do this, applications may be assessed using a process called credit scoring, which assesses credit stability and ability to pay. Credit scoring produces consistent decisions and is designed to ensure all applicants are treated fairly.

As part of the same process we also report your Tappily repayment behaviour to the credit agencies.

Will borrowing using Tappily affect my credit score?


Tappily reports your borrowing and repayment behaviour to the Credit Reference Agency.

This means if you repay your Tappily balance on time and avoid missing payments or falling into arrears then using a Tappily facility may help improve your credit rating.

Conversely, if you do not keep up with your repayments then we are required to inform the Credit Reference Agency which may negatively impact your credit rating and your ability to obtain credit in the future.

Do I need a bank account?


To use Tappily you will need a registered UK bank account with an Internet Banking service in your name.

To be eligible for a Tappily facility you must use the bank account your main salary or other main source of income is paid into.

I have a bad credit history/poor credit rating, how will this affect my application?

If you have been refused credit elsewhere, we may be able to help. Consumers with a less than perfect credit history are eligible to apply for a Tappily facility.

All applications are subject to credit checks including the use of data from a credit reference agency search. Please note, the more recent the bad credit history, the smaller the chance of being accepted for a Tappily facility.

As a responsible lender, Tappily share all customers borrowing and repayment history with credit reference agencies meaning that positive repayment behaviour can help improve and rehabilitate a credit rating.

I’ve been declined for a Tappily facility will I be able to get one in the future?

If your financial circumstances have changed for the better since your initial application then you may now be eligible for a Tappily account.

How many Tappily accounts am I allowed to have at any one time?

Our current policy is one Tappily account per customer. We will inform you if we change this policy.

What is an APR? What does it mean to me as a customer?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is a measure borrowers can use to compare credit charges.

The cost of using a Tappily facility is £0.34 per day for every £100 borrowed. The interest rate is 0.34% per day equating to 124% per annum (variable) charged for a maximum 75 days on the outstanding balance.

The APR calculation assumes that Tappily’s daily interest charges are annualised over the period of a year whereas your use of Tappily may only be for a few days or weeks.

I have been declined for Tappily but offered SafetyNet. What does this mean?

SafetyNet is the name of our sister product. It works in a very similar way to Tappily, but offers lower credit limits for customers that don’t quite currently meet Tappily’s lending requirements.

The cost of using a SafetyNet facility is £0.80 per day for every £100 borrowed. The interest rate is 0.8% per day equating to 256% per annum (variable) charged for a maximum 40 days on the outstanding balance.

Find out more about SafetyNet here.

I am a SafetyNet customer who has been offered Tappily. What does this mean?

Tappily is a sister product to SafetyNet, offering higher credit limits (up to £2,500) at lower prices.

If you have received a dashmail offering an upgrade to Tappily, it’s because you have managed your SafetyNet account very well and meet Tappily’s lending criteria.

To activate your Tappily account, you need to clear your SafetyNet balance. From there, follow the link in your offer email and follow the steps required.

If you don’t wish to upgrade, and would prefer to stay with SafetyNet, you don’t need to do anything. Your SafetyNet account will continue to function as normal unless you choose to activate your Tappily account.

Find out more about moving from SafetyNet to Tappily here.

Deposits and repayments

How do I set up/stop auto-borrowing instalments being transferred into my account?

You have full control of your Tappily facility from your personalised dashboard. You can turn the auto-borrowing instalment facility on or off by clicking on the appropriate button on your dashboard.

You can also contact us on 0800 822 3400 or Contact us.

How do I repay?

You can repay the outstanding balance and interest at any time.

Repayments can be made manually through your Tappily dashboard as well as automatically when money comes into your account, subject to the agreed repayment restrictions as set out in the Terms and Conditions. Repayments can also be made by contacting us on 0800 822 3400.

Our repayment systems are designed to operate automatically so that, if you have the available funds in your current account, you automatically make a payment to reduce the outstanding Tappily balance and minimise the period over which you pay interest.

When taking an automatic repayment, we will always leave you with a buffer above your pre-agreed protection level so that an automatic repayment will not trigger another credit instalment. It also means that automatic repayments will not put your account balance beyond your authorised overdraft limit. The amount taken is capped by the auto-repayment limit you set in your dashboard. If however you do go into arrears, we will attempt to collect the due minimum repayment (plus any arrears), even if this exceeds the minimum repayment limit set by you.

If making repayments in this way causes you any financial difficulty you should get in touch as soon as possible to discuss your options.

There is an exception to the automatic functionality, which will arise if for any reason we can no longer access your real-time banking data. In these circumstances the auto-borrowing and auto-repayments will not work, as we will no longer have access to your account balance. Instead, we will take a minimum payment (plus arrears) using continuous payment authority on the date your salary (or any other regular income) is next anticipated by us to be paid into your bank account.

We will notify you by email, SMS or telephone call at least 48 hours before attempting to take payment on the target date. If for any reason you cannot repay the amount due, please advise us of this and make alternative repayment proposals.

Every month you receive a statement detailing your credit instalments, your credit limit and any repayments and interest applicable to your Tappily facility since you received your last statement. If you fail to make the full minimum repayment by the due date then your Tappily facility will go into arrears, may be withdrawn and collections proceedings will be instigated.

My circumstances have changed and I can't repay my Tappily balance, what do I do?

Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives on 0800 822 3400 or Contact us, we have lots of options that might help.

I would like to set my repayment cap lower than the options available on my Dashboard. Can I do this?

If you feel the repayment options available to you on your dashboard no longer suit your financial needs, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives on 0800 822 3400 or Contact us. We have lots of options that might help.

Username, passwords and personal info

What if I have lost my log in details?

Please contact us on 0800 822 3400 to speak with a Customer Service Representative who will be happy to confirm and verify your details, or Contact us.

I don’t have access to my old email address so I can’t recover my password. What do I do now?

Please contact us on 0800 822 3400 to speak with a Customer Service Representative who will be happy to confirm and verify your details and update your email address, or Contact us.


What level of security does Tappily use?

All data is securely handled in systems similar to those used by leading high street banks. Tappily uses 256-bit SSL encryption.

Tappily and the datacentre which houses its database are both fully PCI compliant.

How do you use cookies?

We use cookies to store information about your visit to the Tappily site which allows us to keep you logged into your account securely. This involves a small token linked to your account each visit that helps Tappily know that the user browsing your account is in fact you. Note, we do not store your account details, password or any personal details in a cookie at any time.

We store additional anonymous information in cookies which allow us to generate statistics on how our website is performing. These cookies may also come from third parties. This type of cookie is widely used on the internet and in themselves do not identify the individual browsing the site.

You can choose to disable or selectively turn off our cookies or third party cookies in your browser settings, or by managing preferences in programs such as Internet Security suits. However, this can affect how you are able to interact with our site as well as other websites. This could include the inability to login to services or programs, such as logging into your account.

To find out more about how we use cookies, please read our Privacy Policy: https://www.Tappily.co.uk/content/html/privacy-policy.html.

Do you keep my information and details if I cancel my Tappily profile?

We process data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Once you have cancelled your Tappily profile, we will only store data to the extent necessary to comply with the legal obligations and we will always delete your Internet Banking details. If you have any questions about your data, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

Open Banking

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is a way of giving you, the customer, power and control over your financial data.

This means that you can choose to share your data with regulated third parties (like Tappily) so you can access alternative, improved products and services. This is designed to increase competition and innovation within financial services.

Why does Tappily use Open Banking?

Tappily uses Open Banking to form a secure, read-only connection with your bank account. This allows us to conduct in-depth affordability assessments and accurately assess how much credit is affordable for you. We will never lend you more money than you are able to pay back within a reasonable period.

Specifically, Open Banking allows Tappily to:

Protect you from overdraft charges by monitoring your bank balance and transferring funds to your current account before you go overdrawn.

Monitor your transaction data before taking repayments so we know when you can afford to make them. Once we see money go into your account, taking your balance to a permitted level, we will take a repayment in accordance with your credit agreement.

Present Tappily money management tools and our clever dashboard facility that displays and categorises your spending, to help you better budget and stay in control of your finances.

Tappily will only ever be able to view your current account. We will never be able to make any changes.

Can I borrow from Tappily without using Open Banking?

Tappily are unable to lend, or continue to lend, without read-only access to our customers’ salaried bank account. Without Open Banking we are unable to view the transaction data, which allows us to make affordability decisions and fulfil our obligations as a responsible lender.

Without access to your account, Tappily will not be able to perform essential functions:

  • Make initial and ongoing affordability decisions to see how much credit you can afford, in line with our responsible lending policy.
  • Protect you from overdraft charges by monitoring your bank balance and transferring funds to your current account before you go overdrawn.
  • Monitor your transaction data before taking repayments repayments so we know when you can afford to make them. Once we see money go into your account, we will take a repayment in accordance with your credit agreement.
  • Present Tappily money management tools and our clever dashboard facility to to display and categorise your spending which helps you better budget and stay in control of your finances.

If you are having problems connecting with Tappily, please call 0800 822 3400 or Contact us.

Why do I have to renew Tappily’s access to my account every 90 days?

This is an Open Banking requirement and Tappily is unable to lend or continue to lend if access is not renewed as we are unable to view transaction data.

This 90 day renewal is designed to ensure that no third party continues to have access to your account for any longer than necessary.

Will my bank allow me to use Tappily?


As of 13th January 2018, all banks and building societies in the UK are required to make customer transaction data accessible to authorised third parties such as Tappily.

As long as you use a third party provider authorised under the Payment Services Regulations 2017, you are protected by your bank. You can check if an institution is authorised here: https://register.fca.org.uk/.

What happens if I revoke, or do not renew, Tappily’s access?

If you revoke Tappily’s access to you bank account or allow it to expire then you will no longer be able to borrow from your Tappily credit facility.

If you do not have an outstanding balance and you do not wish to continue borrowing then you do not need to take any further action.

If you wish to resume Tappily after revoking consent, you may do this by logging in to your dashboard and following the on-screen instructions.

If you revoke Tappily’s access or allow it to expire whilst you have an outstanding balance, you will still be liable for your outstanding balance in accordance with your credit agreement.

How do I find out more about Open Banking?

Which? have provided information for consumers about Open Banking which can be found here: https://www.which.co.uk/money/banking/switching-your-bank/open-banking-sharing-your-financial-data-anscq4g8p62h.

You can access the Open Banking website directly here: https://www.openbanking.org.uk/.

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