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Why is this?

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Why do we need your online banking details?

  • • Tappily is smarter than the average loan
  • • With Tappily you have the option of automatic borrowing instalments whenever you need them which our system monitors from your transactional data. We take care of repayments automatically too, only when you can afford it for convenience. Plus, you can set whatever maximum repayment cap is comfortable for you.
  • • Our connection is ‘Read Only’
  • • We cannot control your bank account, make payments or do anything besides automatically monitor transactions.
  • • We’re safe and secure
  • • The security of your data is our top priority. We use the same 256-bit encryption and physical security as your bank.

Tappily is secure

  • • We are fully PCI compliant
  • • All data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL
  • • Your banking details are completely secure
  • • Our banking connection is ‘read-only’